8 sextips van pornosterren

geroosterde venkel

Je kunt sexadvies vragen aan je vriendinnen, je zus of natuurlijk je vriend maar pornosterren kunnen je wellicht het beste advies geven. Het is immers hun werk. Wij hebben 8 nuttige tips op een rijtje gezet.

We vinden hun werkzaamheden misschien niet helemaal oké, maar je kan toch verrassend genoeg wat van opsteken, van deze tips van pornosterren en playboy-modellen.

Bekijk de 8 tips hieronder:

Meghan Leopard, Playboys Miss Social

“Don’t be afraid to take control. Your partner is most likely to love the dominant side of you.”

K. Elizabeth, Playboy Model

“Girls– Make him wait for it and make him work for it! Take the power back in the relationship. Plus– the sex will be mind blowing when it finally happens.
Guys– Don’t forget foreplay. And start it before the bedroom. Send her a naughty text at work. Take her to dinner and have her wear a skirt and no panties. She’ll want to get you home ASAP.”

Tasha Reign, Adult Film Superstar

“Hygiene is everything, it can literally be a make or break for me, whether it’s a scene or my personal life, especially with a new sex partner! You want to be clean and shaven where it counts, you want to smell yummy and be properly groomed.”

Jill Scott, Playboy Bunny

“I have a new favorite game to play with my boyfriend. We recently purchased vibrating panties with wireless remote control. I wear the panties out to dinner and he has the remote. I never know when he will hit the vibration button, he has even made my panties vibrate while I am placing my order. By the time dinner is over we are so hot we don’t make it past the parking lot before we are having sex.”

Tina Marie, Playboy Model

“Never be shy when you’re having sex, you’re exposed, so aim to please and remember oral is the mood set for how the sex will end. Never be afraid to look up at your man when your pleasing him, it will only make you wetter, I mean you do have his manly-hood at your mercy right there.”

Kimberly Kisselovich, Playboy Bunny

“Do what feels good, but don’t be selfish;) I love it when I know I am pleasing my partner- that in itself is a turn on for me!!”

Kelly Lynn, Playboy Bunny

“Take the lead when you’re not being satisfied! Direct the other person and don’t be afraid to speak up and tell them what you like.”

Adriann Ellis, Playboy Miss Social

“Lots of girls over think going down on a guy. Instead of focusing on porn star style sucking, try using your tongue. Flatten your tongue and lick it like an ice cream cone, or create little swirls with the tip. One last thing, don’t forget the boys! Its a package deal, using your finger tips to gently stroke, or use your hand to cup and massage the family jewels! They are very sensitive and shouldn’t be left out of the equation.”


Bron: CollegeCandy